Outfit Guide for Engagement Photos

Aren’t sure what to wear to your engagement or couples session? Here are some tips and tricks to planning your outfits for your photoshoot.

I know it can be kind of intimidating to figure out what to wear for your session. If you have never gotten photos before its normal and okay to feel nervous. I promise you, it is going to be so much fun and you’ll have these memories forever.

Neutrals and earth tones will be your best friend. You might have a favor dress thats bright red or blue that you want to wear but I would advise against wearing it. Bold colors can be distracting and take away from the focus on you two. If you want to do a green, do a muted green like sage or forest green. Instead of red, go for a dusty pink or maroon.

My next tip when choosing your outfit(s), is to go with minimal pattern. Again, it keeps the focus off of you two and makes the photos look busy.

Also, try to complement each other instead of matching. The only time I think matching looks okay is with all black or jeans and white t- shirts. When you match it tends to blend everything together. Think a variety of colors, textures and tones when planning your outfits.

Think Layers. This allows you to change it up a little and create dimension in your photos. Add a hat or a jacket to your outfit. P.S. you can have multiple outfits at your session.

To help create movement you can opt for a dress, skirt or some fringe. I always have my couples move around during their session. Wearing a piece of clothing with can add a little something more to your images.

Finally, Location, Location, Location… The forest is a lot different than the dessert or the coast. The colors of the location will effect how your photos look and how your outfit looks with the landscape. I have a whole list of locations in Oregon, Washington, Utah and California that are amazing for sessions.

There you have it, all my knowledge on selecting outfits for you session. I hope all these things helped make the outfit choosing process easier! In the end, I want you to feel comfortable in what you wear. I am here if you need to text or face time me for outfit help too.

Want more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest board: Photoshoot Outfit Inspiration

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