5 Wedding Ceremony Tips

There are so many types of ceremonies and celebrations. Each couple has unique ways they celebrate their union. Here are my top 5 tips as a seasoned wedding photographer:

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1. Walk slowly down the aisle. This is your moment to take it all in – the time you took to plan, the friends and family who have come to celebrate you two and of course your future partner waiting for you.

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2. Hold your partners hands during ceremony. Ultimately, the decision to hold hands during your wedding ceremony is a personal choice. It can be a beautiful and meaningful way to express your love and commitment to each other. Also, wedding ceremonies can be an emotionally charged event. Holding hands can provide comfort and support to both you and your partner, serving as a physical reminder that you are there for each other throughout the ceremony.

3. Have your officiant move out of the way during your first kiss. Trust me, you don’t want them awkwardly behind you during your kiss and coming from a photographer – its not the easiest thing to edit out later. If you have them move wait a few seconds before kissing. Then I suggest you two kiss for longer than you think, this is your first kiss as a married couple! I know it feels awkward to kiss in front of so many people, but trust me more kisses the better.

4. Don’t forget your boutique! Take it back from your maid of honor so you have it in to walk back down the aisle with. It gives you something to hold onto while exiting your ceremony. The main times when you are going to be holding your flowers is walking down the aisle, walking back down the aisle and in portraits.

5. After you first kiss, stop and kiss for another half way back down the aisle. It is such a cute photo opportunity. You can even throw in a dip with the kiss. If you want to include your guests in your ceremony exit, you can give them rose petals throw or bubbles to blow while you come back down the aisle. Your guests are excited for you, they love being part of it in any way they can.

These are just 5 of my tips as a wedding photographer that will make your ceremony picture perfect. It’s important to remember that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wedding ceremonies. You and your partner should do what feels right and authentic to you as a couple.

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